Early Childhood Activity Cards (Ages 3-6)

Early Childhood Activity Cards (Ages 3-6)

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~Ready for delivery mid-October~

This comprehensive set of over 125 activities were designed to support the developmental needs of our youngest learner and are a perfect accompaniment to the Thriving Classroom Curriculum Guide: K-2. Watch SEL skills grow, while young children explore their character strengths and build kindergarten readiness skills.  Easy-to-implement activity extensions are also included, supporting the integration of character strengths throughout the day.

Find a comprehensive matrix here that showcases the wide variety of content covered and any needed resources.

I looked through a few of the cards and lessons this morning. I LOVE IT!!!! This is exactly what I think has been missing for the littles to help us teachers adapt the concepts to their level and it's perfectly appropriate! I can't wait to start using this resource! I also love the extensions so that we can revisit the lesson multiple times throughout the week. 
Andrea Chartier, Kindergarten Teacher, Youngstown City Schools, Ohio